Hump Day Booty Move: Plyo Step Up + Lunge Combo

This is a fantastic finisher on Leg Day, as well as the perfect movement for a station in a HIIT circuit. Perform for time, or alternate between sides each rep, for a total of 20-40 reps (10-20 per side), for 3-4 sets. Be ready to feel a burn through your entire lower half!

Here's the order of the movement:
1. Step R foot onto box and jump upward in skipping motion
2. Step L foot back to floor
3. Step R foot back to lunge position with L foot in front (90 degree angle in ea. knee)
4. Switch jump to lunge with R foot in front and L foot back.
5. Repeat on other side.

Notes on form:
- Safety first: If you're using a chair or something not anchored into the ground, place it against a wall so it doesn't shift while you move.
- When you skip up onto the step, drive through the heel of the foot on the step as you lift your back foot off the floor, then push off your toe as your foot leaves the step for a small hop ("skip up")
- When you step foot off the box and move it back to lunge position, only your toes touch the floor, your heel is elevated so that you can engage your quads and core to help you balance.
- On the subject of balance: when you step your foot off the box and move it back to a lunge, be sure you step back in line with that same hip. Don't put it directly behind the other foot as if you were standing on a tight rope - that will throw you off balance.
- For the switch jump, land light on your feet. Again, front foot: weight in heel; back foot: heel elevated; and both knees in 90 degree angles.

Did you do this outside on a bench? At home with a chair? Or at a gym with a plyo box? Let me know on IG/TW: @cassiebstrong! And let me know how it felt of course ;)

B Strong,

Cassie B.