B Strong Greatest HIITs 2017: Landmine Legs & Shoulders Drill

DAY 8!

Improve your leg, shoulder and core strength and stability with alternating 1-Arm Thrusters to a Reverse Lunge with an Overhead Hold, then spike your heart rate with Quick Feet moving front to back over the bar. In short, this drill will build strength, improve stability and burn fat.

Here's the drill:
2 movements
45sec work; 15sec rest
A. Landmine Alternating 1-Arm Thrusters to a Reverse Lunge with an Overhead Hold
B. Quick Feet front to back over the bar
Alternate between A & B, (with 15sec rest after each exercise), for 3-5 rounds; that's 6-10 minutes of work.

If the bar is too heavy, you can totally do this exercise with a dumbbell in each hand instead! If the bar is too light, throw a plate on there to up the weight and the challenge. NOTE: With Thrusters, your legs do the majority of the work, so make sure it's heavy enough that you couldn't do an isolated shoulder press with it more than 3-4 times. This will ensure that you need to drive through your legs with serious power to get that weight up there.

[Landmine Thruster + Reverse Lunge]
- When you squat, both hands are holding the bar, spine is straight, and core is super tight.
- The bar grows longer the lower you get, make sure you start with your feet slightly behind you when you're standing so that you don't fall over backward when you get to the bottom of your squat ;-)
- As you thrust upward and out of your squat, think about pushing the floor down away from the bar. Keep your heels on the floor and actively push them down.
- As you thrust upward, let go of the bar with one hand and drive it up over the shoulder of the hand you're holding with.
- Pull your shoulder down away from your ear as you press the weight upward, (lock in your lats!).
- Keep lats and core locked in place while you stabilize the weight overhead as you step your leg back to a reverse lunge, (the hand holding the weight up is the leg that steps back).
- As you lunge, be sure you load up your front heel with your body weight, then drive downward through that heel as you stand up.
- Alternate sides with each rep.
[Quick Feet]
- Keep your knees bent to improve your agility.
- Watch yourself! Don't step on that bar!! You could take a nasty spill or roll your ankle.
- Pump your arms and move as fast as you can!

Try this as a finisher to a total body workout and tell me how many rounds you get through on IG/TW/FB @cassiebstrong!

B Strong,

Cassie B.