60sec Read: Regular Exercise Can Help You Overcome Exhaustion & Chronic Fatigue

Did you know that 75% of people who reportedly suffer from chronic fatigue are not also suffering from a serious medical condition? Weird, right?! We equate fatigue with being sick and unhealthy, yet the majority of people suffering from exhaustion don’t have any tangible health issues to speak of… so what’s going on here? To put it simply, we as a society just aren’t moving enough. [Wait a minute… exercise burns calories, aka energy, so I’m calling your bluff.] Actually, while that may seem logical at first thought, it’s not correct - the science backs me up! What it all comes down to is blood flow. When we move, our heart rate increases, so then our blood starts pumping through our veins more rapidly and, in turn, our muscles and brain receive a greater supply of nutrients and oxygen. Nutrients and oxygen work together within our cells to produce energy, so naturally, when our cells are receiving more nutrients and oxygen they’re going to produce more energy. There have been studies that support this, too! Here’s the best part about it: low to moderate intensity exercise, [think a brisk walk or bike ride], for just 20-minutes a day can decrease the feeling of fatigue by 50-65%! It’s that simple. Feeling blah? Move! Movement increases blood flow which increases energy production. Just like that, problem solved. Don’t give yourself time to list off excuses. Get up and move! You won’t regret it.