60sec Read: Regular Exercise Can Reverse Symptoms of Type II Diabetes

Chances are you or a member of your family suffer from Type II Diabetes. More than 29 million adults in the United States have the disease, which is the 7th leading cause of death in the country. What’s worse is that nearly three times as many adults, [over 86 million], are pre-diabetic. Here’s the kicker… Type II Diabetes usually develops as a result of poor lifestyle choices, and in those cases, it’s completely preventable. But that’s kind of awesome news, right?! It's preventable! So what do I do? Well, you have to: eat a diet that mostly consists of nutritious produce, whole grains and lean proteins, and exercise regularly. Here’s the thing though, being physically active alone isn’t going to cut it; strength training each major muscle group at least twice a week is what will truly help your body improve it’s insulin sensitivity. This is something many medications for diabetics are designed to do, but strength training does it naturally. Cleaning up their dietary habits and committing to a strength training regimen may be all a pre-diabetic individual needs in order to get their blood glucose levels back under control and prevent themselves from developing full blown diabetes. As for those who already suffer from the disease, they may find that they rely less on medications, or may even get their blood glucose levels down to pre-diabetic levels, at which they no longer need the help of prescriptions. How amazing is that?! So now you know: stay active, lift weights often, and put good foods into your body. Then hopefully you won’t ever have to worry about Type II Diabetes. The End.