B Strong, Build Stability: TRX Core Stability Series

The TRX is an incredible tool for developing core and joint stability. If you find your balance and stability need improvement, or if you simply wish to recruit as many muscles as possible into your exercises, I highly recommend grabbing this tool.

These exercises focus on strengthening the muscles that stabilize your spine and protect your the muscles that stabilize your pelvis and shoulders, all while working your abs. This is not a beginner exercise! I recommend mastering a basic plank hold in the TRX before attempting a series like this so that you can ensure that you're engaging the proper muscles to keep your spine safe.

Here's the series:
- 1 Body Saw
- 1 Plank Jack
- 1 Dolphin Pike
- 1 Plank Jack
Completing all 4 movements = 1 rep.
Perform 5-10 reps at a time for 3-5 sets.
Rest 45-90sec between sets; or incorporate this as a station into a strength circuit!

***For all of these exercises, you're in Low Plank, (on your forearms), so be sure to press your entire forearm down, don't just balance on your elbows! Also, keep your hips at shoulder height - letting them drop lower will strain your lower back. Lastly, engage your lats by pulling your shoulders down away from your ears and keeping your neck long.***
[Plank Jack]
- Keep hips at shoulder height, lower abdominals pulled in ridiculously tight, and lats engaged.
- Knee caps face the floor. If you're opening your legs so wide that your knee caps start pointing out toward the walls, you could strain your groin... OUCH!
- Legs remain straight as they move apart and together.
[Body Saw]
- Squeeze your legs together and keep them straight the whole time!
- To begin, your shoulders are directly over your elbows, and your tricep creates a 90 degree angle with the floor.
- Press your forearms forward and down into the floor so that your shoulders move back behind your elbows, decreasing the angle your tricep is making with the floor.
- Your lats stay engaged - don't let your shoulders shrug toward your ears! Especially as you pull your shoulders back over your elbows.
[Dolphin Pike]
- Same as above, keep your legs straight and squeeze them together.
- Press your entire forearm down into the floor while pulling your shoulders toward your hips as hard as you can, suck your belly in tight as you lift your hips up overhead.
- Lower your hips back to shoulder height with as much control as possible.

How does this series make you feel? Excited for your next workout or a little anxious?! Tell me on FB/IG/TW @cassiebstrong!

B Strong,

Cassie B.