B Strong, Build Stability: Balance Board Hamstring & Glute Burner

Have you played on a balance board before?! It's fun, it's addicting, and it wears you out SO much faster than you'd guess. For this exercise, I'm using the rocker base underneath the board. Try this exercise to build stability in your hips and pelvis while strengthening your glutes and hamstrings. If you sit a lot, chances are you need to strengthen those muscles!

Here's the exercise:
- Feet on the board, lift hips to glute bridge.
- Be sure to push equally with each foot as you do the bridge so that neither side of the board taps the floor.
- Once your hips are lifted, hold a static glute bridge as you push 1 foot downward so the board taps the floor 3x.
- Again, push equally with each foot so neither side of the board touches the floor, then lower and lift your hips to the glute bridge again, then do the 3 taps with the other foot.
- When your hips lower toward the floor, they can touch the floor, but don't let them rest there.
- Be sure to keep your belly pulled super tight once your hips are lifted so your lower back doesn't arch as you tap the floor.

Perform 10-20 reps, (that means each foot will do the taps 5-10x), for 2-4 sets, with 30-60sec rest between sets. Or you can incorporate this movement into a circuit!

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B Strong,

Cassie B.