B Strong, Build Stability: At Home Arm & Core Burner

A single set of these babies can get your body from cold & creaky to hot & sweaty... making this the perfect dynamic warm-up to bust out when you don't have much time for a workout. This, prior to any of my "Greatest HIITs" at-home drills, is the perfect quick, no excuses workout!

Here's the step by step breakdown of the series:
- Start in high plank
- Slowly lower through push-up until you're lying on your belly
- Extend arms straight forward, squeeze ankles together & lift to Superman
- Holding Superman, perform 2 lat pullbacks
- Tuck your hands & toes, then push-up to high plank
- Perform 2 Cross Under knee crunches, 1 with each leg
- Start back from the beginning & perform 6-10 total reps

Notes on form:
[Slow Push-up]
- Aim your elbows to point back behind you & pull your shoulders away from your ears as you lower
- Be sure to drive your heels back toward the floor, tighten your quads & squeeze your butt so that your lower 1/2 isn't dead weight to your arms
[Superman + Lat Pullbacks]
- Reach arms directly in front of shoulders, hands no wider than shoulders
- Engage your lats by pulling your shoulders back away from your head & engage your inner thighs by keeping legs completely straight & squeezing your ankles together
- For Lat Pullbacks, pull elbows back as if you were trying to tap them together behind your back, squeezing your shoulder blades toward each other
- Same notes as above for lowering down
[Cross Under Crunches]
- Suck your "gut" in to "make room" for that knee to travel toward the opposite elbow
- Twist your pelvis so that the hip of your crunching knee stacks underneath the other hip
- When you step your foot back to plank, be sure to square your hips back up so they're side by side again

How many reps did it take for you to start sweating?! Tell me on FB/IG/TW @cassiebstrong!

B Strong,

Cassie B.