B Strong Greatest HIITs: At-Home Hip & Thigh Burner [2]

Get that heart pumping, body jumping & legs burning with this short & sweet, [& sweaty!] lower body burner!

Here's the series:
A. Side Step Squats
B. Suicides
C. 1 Squat Jack + 1 Tuck Jump
***Perform each movement, in order, for 20sec at a time, with no rest between movements. Complete 3-5 rounds with no rest between rounds.***

Notes on form:
[Side Step Squats]
- When you step your right foot side, squat as you set your foot down; then step your right foot back beside your left as you stand up from your squat
- Same goes for the left side!
- When you squat, you must hinge at your hips - stick your booty back behind you as your *straight* spine & head lean forward - & keep your weight in your heels
- Try to get your hips as low as your knees - if your heels lift, 1st check that you're doing the hip hinge, [*noted above*] correctly, if you feel you are, you may be bending your knees a little too low for your current mobility
- Squeeze your glutes together at the bottom of your squat, then squeeze them tighter & tighter as you stand back up
- Keep your spine straight!!!!
- It's more important that your spine stays straight than it is for you to touch the floor - you're ability to reach the floor comes from bending your knees, not rounding your back
- Your body stays centered as your feet alternate moving side to side - if you are jumping side to side, take a look at the video again!
[Squat Jack]
- Same notes as Side Step Squat! Feet flat when you land in your squat, spine remains straight the whole time!
[Tuck Jump]
- This is basically an airborne crunch, so suck your "gut" in & "out of the way" so that your knees can lift toward your chest
- When you land, bend your knees to reduce the impact on your knee joints
- If you're landing sounds like an elephant is tap dancing, squeeze your abs tighter in the air, & bend your knees more when you land
- Bending your knees when you land is also important because it sets you up to move right into the next jump without pause

How many rounds did it take for you to feel the burn? And how many rounds were you able to finish?! Tell me on FB/IG/TW @cassiebstrong!

B Strong,

Cassie B.