B Strong, Build Stability: At-Home Low Impact Hip & Thigh Burner

While this isn't meant for cardio conditioning, you'll probably be surprised by how fast your heart gets pumping as you move through this series! This is low impact and slow moving, but it's anything but easy! I often use dynamic movements like this to get my blood pumping to warm my muscles and joints, but it's also appropriate post-workout when you need something to help slow your heart rate as you transition to a stretch.

Here's the moves:
A. Alternating Single Leg Hip Hinges w/ Reach Forward x 16-24 reps (8-12/leg)
B. Sumo Squat Hold + 3 Pivots to Lunge + Knee Crunch x 8-12 reps (4-6 Knee Crunches in each direction)
***Alternate between these 2 exercises, with minimal rest in between, and complete a total of 2-4 sets.***

Notes on form:
[Alternating Single Leg Hip Hinge]
- Extend the leg you're going to lift back behind you so just your toe is touching - this is a "heads up!" to your body that you're only going to be standing on 1 leg & will make balancing a lot easier
- Your standing leg knee stays soft through the whole movement
- Your lifting leg is completely straight
- Squeeze the glute of your lifting leg so that your lower back is supported
- Like a see saw, your arms & head lower as your foot lifts, & you should always have a straight line from your toes to your fingers
[Sumo Squat Hold + 3 Pivots to Lunge + Knee Crunch]
- Stay at the bottom of your squat position, knees at 90 degree angles
- Drop 1 knee & lift that heel as you pivot & turn your chest 90 degrees
- In your lunge, your back shin should be parallel to the floor, your back foot should only have the ball of your foot touching the floor, & your front foot is holding your weight mostly in your heel
- As you rotate back to your sumo squat, STAY LOW!!! Don't let the angle in your knees get any larger than 90 degrees & flatten both feet into the floor again
- Alternate turning each direction 3x, then on your 3rd rep, stay facing that side, & [FINALLY!] you can stand, straightening your front knee all the way & crunching your back knee up & as close to your chest as possible as you suck that muffin top in tight

What part of your legs burns the most after finishing this series?! Tell me on FB/IG/TW @cassiebstrong!

B Strong,

Cassie B.