B Strong Greatest HIITs: At-Home HIIT Total Body & Cardio Burner

Here's another burner to bust out at home when you're crunched for time, or to burn yourself out at the end of a killer workout!

Here's the series:
A. Low plank + Open to side plank + March up & down
B. Quick feet + Switch hop
C. Burpee + Power jack
* Perform each movement for 30sec
** No rest between movements - move directly from 1 to the next
*** Rest 30sec between rounds & complete 3-5 rounds
**** With each round lasting a total of 2min, [including rest], you'll work for a total of 6-10min & feel like you did an hour!

Notes on form:
[Low Plank + Side Plank + Marches]
- No matter what part of this movement you're doing, you gotta channel your inner giraffe & not your inner turtle - keep your neck long & engage your lats by pulling your shoulders away from your ears and toward your hips
- Alternate the arm you press yourself up w/ for the march each rep
[Quick Feet + Switch Hop]
- Move your feet in place as quick as you can as you count to 3, then do a quick "switch hop" as I call it
- For the switch hop, your feet begin in "3 o'clock & 9 o'clock", where they were for the quick feet, then [keeping them the same width] hop them to 12 & 6 o'clock, then immediately back to 3 & 9
[Burpee + Power Jack]
- Good news! This burpee has no push-up - unless you're an over achiever ;-)
- Move quick & stay light on your hands & feet as you hop down to a plank position
- When you jump your feet in from the plank, jump them wider than your shoulders - gorilla hop style, that way when you stand up your feet are right where they need to be for the Power Jack
- When you stand, lift your chest upright, but keep your knees bent deep so that you can spring up into the 1st jump, landing with your feet narrow & knees bent so that you can spring back up into your 2nd jump & land with your feet wide

Now take a deep breath, because you're not going to get another for the next 6-10min!!