B Strong Greatest HIITs: Total Body DB Complex

Pressed for time? A quickie dumbbell complex is an amazing way to get some total body strength work in and get that heart pumping all at the same time!

Here's the complex:
A. 10 Lateral Hop over DB + Burpee [add a push-up to the burpee for an extra burn!]
B. 20 Alternating Lateral Lunges [10/leg]
C. 10 Forward Hop over DB + 180 Jump
D. 20 Alternating 1-Arm Thrusters [10 presses/arm = 20 squats]

Notes on form:
[Burpee + Lateral Hop]
- This is your standard, no push-up burpee, but the jump up to kick off the movement is a hop to the side instead up just straight up
[Lateral Lunge] 
- When you step side, stick your butt back behind you and sit your weight mostly toward the heel of the foot you stepped onto.
- When you step side, your chest will natural fall slightly forward, (but your butt has to move backward too - it's called a "hip hinge"), however, keep your shoulder blades pulled together behind you. Avoid letting your upper back round over.
- The foot you step onto is the only knee that bends, the other leg stays straight.
- In order to keep the other leg straight, you may find that letting the toe of your straight leg lift off the floor and digging your heel into the ground helps you stay balanced.
- Drive your foot into the ground to powerfully launch your body back upright.
[Forward Hop + 180]
- Stay light on your feet
- Bend your knees when you land your jumps to soften the impact on your joints
- This movement is all about momentum - drive your feet down into the floor as hard as you can as you stand & press the weight overhead
- For this exercise, as long as their shoulders are stable, I give clients a weight that's too heavy for them to do a standard overhead press with for the # of reps I have planned. That's my way of ensuring that they use their legs to thrust the weight overhead instead of isolating their shoulder - hence the name "Thruster" ;-)
- Typical squat form: hips back, chest up tall, spine straight, weight in heels, core tight, trying to get hips lower than knees

How many rounds did you do and how long did it take you? Were you able to get through without rest?! Tell me on FB/IG/TW @cassiebstrong!

B Strong,

Cassie B.