B Strong Greatest HIITs: Total Body DB Complex [2]

The return on your investment is totally worth the burn with this complex!! Grab a pair of DBs & let's build muscle & burn fat all at the same time!

Here's the complex:
A. 5 Manmakers [Plank, Push-up, 1 Renegade Row/Arm, Squat, Clean, OH Press]
B. 10 Single Arm Woodchops [Just do 1 arm/round - so yes, you gotta do an even # of rounds]
C. 15 Dual DB Squats
D. 20 Lateral Agility Quick Feet [in & out of DBs]
*Perform each exercises for # of reps specified
**Complete an even # of rounds [so that you perform the same # of sets of woodchops on each side]
***Take minimal rest between rounds

Notes on form:
- Keep hips square to floor during renegade rows - the wider your feet the easier that is - just don't forget to squeeze your booty & abs tight!
- Hit a solid squat position before you clean the DBs - feet need to be flat
- The clean is a clean, not a bicep curl - it should be a quick, powerful movement snapping your hips front & up under your head as the DBs lift to your shoulders
- Brace your core & squeeze your glutes for the OH press
- This is like a KB swing that goes all the way up OH
*** The key to a swing is understanding that the movement pattern of your hips dictates the movement pattern of the DB. If you want the DB to swing back to front, your hips must "swing" back to front. It's NOT a simple squatting motion. Letting your hips move up & down while trying to get the DB to move back to front WILL hurt your lower back.***
- When the DB swings back, your knees soften and your hips hinge, [butt sticks back but spine stays straight].
- To swing the bell forward, act like someone surprised you with a smack on the booty - snap your hips forward and squeeze those cheeks!
[DB Squats]
- Engage your lats [shoulders braced downward, neck long]
- Chest proud
- Try to lower your butt down until your elbows touch your thighs - OUCH!
[Agility Quick Feet]
- Stay on your toes
- Keep your eyes on the DBs so you don't trip or roll your ankle
- Move as quick as you can!

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B Strong,

Cassie B.