B Strong Greatest HIITs: At Home Cardio Drill

OH MY QUAD!! Get ready to feel the burn in your legs REAL QUICK with this drill!

Here's the drill:
- 45sec work; 15sec rest
- Alternate between A & B 'til you complete 2-4 rounds of each [4-8min total]
A. 4 Walking Lunges forward + Quick Feet backward for equal time
B. 4 Side Shuffles + Squat Jack + Tuck Jump

[Walking Lunges]
- Though you're moving forward, once that front foot lands, with most of your weight in your heel, just focus on bending your knees & moving downward
- Make sure both knees are in a 90 degree angle at the bottom of the lunge
- If the back knee is a larger angle, you probably stepped too far forward, or you're letting your weight travel forward into your toes when really you should focus on making it travel down and load your heel
- Don't forget to think about the back leg! Push off all 5 of your toes to tuck your knee forward & under your hip - you should feel your quad, all the way up into your abdominals engage
[Squat Jack]
- Stay light on your feet
- Keep your neck long, chest proud & spine straight
- When you jump down into the squat, load your heels with most of your weight by sticking your booty back behind you & bend your knees deep without letting your heels lift off the floor
- Spring up as you jump your feet back together & land softly
[Tuck Jump]
- Stay light on your feet
- When you jump, crunch your knees toward your chest & pull your abs super tight, then land softly with your knees bent to minimize the impact on your joints

When your legs are on fire & your heart is screaming... DO IT FOR THE BOOTY!! Stay strong, B Strong Fit Fam <3

B Strong,

Cassie B.