B Strong Greatest HIITs: At Home Planks & Plyos

This routine from B Strong Body Fix has a little of everything - stability, mobility & power! No matter which is most challenging for you, you're certain to work up a serious burn!! If you don't have gliders, hand towels or paper plates on a smooth floor work well too!

Here's the drill:
- Work for 45sec at a time, followed by 15sec rest
- Alternate between the 2 movement series until you've completed 2-4 rounds of each [that's 4-8min of work]
A. Plank [Gliding Crunch + Jack] x 2 + [1 Straight Leg Sweep/Leg]
B. Power Lunge [Front to Back] + Switch Lunge Jump

[Plank Series]
- Keep your neck long & lats engaged by broadening your collar bones and pulling your shoulders away from your ears
- Keep your abs tight & glutes squeezed together to support your lower back, which you don't want to sag toward the floor
- Keep your booty at shoulder height the whole time - even when your knees crunch forward, avoid letting your hips bounce toward the floor
- For the plank jacks & single leg sweeps, your legs stay completely straight & your hips stay square to the floor - don't let them twist open to the side
- During the single leg sweep, you should feel a stretch in your adductor [inner thigh], but only sweep it as far as you can w/out your knee bending so that you don't strain your groin
[Power Lunge + Switch Jump]
- When stepping forward, once that front foot lands, with most of your weight in your heel, just focus on bending your knees & moving downward rather than forward
- Make sure both knees are in a 90 degree angle at the bottom of the lunge
- If the back knee is a larger angle, you probably stepped too far forward, or you're letting your weight travel forward into your toes when really you should focus on making it travel down and load your heel
- Don't forget to think about the back leg! Push off all 5 of your toes to tuck your knee forward & under your hip - you should feel your quad, all the way up into your abdominals engage
- Whichever foot that steps forward is also the foot that steps backward to the reverse lunge - where all the same notes on form from above apply!
- Once you step back to the reverse lunge - & nail the form ;-) - jump straight up in the air & switch your legs so that you land w/ the other foot forward, then start the movement over again

Which series was harder?! The planks or the plyos?! Tell me on FB/IG/TW @cassiebstrong!

B Strong,

Cassie B.