B Strong Greatest HIITs: At Home HIIT Planks & Plyos Drill

This routine from B Strong Body Fix has a quick & steady build. With every second & every rep your body will burn hotter & hotter 'til you're dripping!! If you don't have gliders, hand towels or paper plates on a smooth floor work well too!

Here's the drill:
- Work for 45sec at a time, followed by 15sec rest
- Alternate between the 2 movement series until you've completed 2-4 rounds of each [that's 4-8min of work]
A. 3 Gliding Military Crawls backward + 1 Plank Jack; repeat moving forward
B. 8 High Knees [4/knee] + 4 Switch Lunge Jumps

[Gliding Military Crawl + Plank Jack]
- Stay in a low plank, on your forearms, & avoid balancing on just your elbows - use your full forearm
- Keep your neck long & lats engaged by broadening your collar bones and pulling your shoulders away from your ears
- Keep your abs tight & glutes squeezed together to support your lower back, which you don't want to sag toward the floor
- Both legs remain straight for both the crawls & the squat jack
- It's super important that you take a second to pause before the squat jack to make sure your pelvis is still neutral after the military crawl - fix it if things fell out of alignment so you don't pull your groin
[High Knees + Switch Lunges]
- Get your knees to belly button height for the high knees!
- For the switch lunge jumps, land softly & bend both knees to 90 degree angles
- Your back knee should be 1 inch off the floor when you lunge
- Your front foot should be flat when you lunge - avoid letting your heel lift & your weight shift into your toe
- Keep your neck long, chest proud & core engaged through the whole series!

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B Strong,

Cassie B.