B Strong Greatest HIITs: At Home HIIT Cardio Drill

This drill is definitely one of the hardest finishers we've ever done in B Strong Body Fix - it's not for the faint of heart!!

Here's the drill:
A. 30sec x  Quick Feet [count to 3] + 1 Power Jack
B. 30sec x 4 Scissor Hops + 2 Switch Lunge Jumps
C. 30sec x Broad Jump + 180 Hop + Tuck Jump
Complete 2-4 rounds with no rest between movements or rounds

[Quick Feet + Power Jack]
- Stay light & quick on your feet
- A power jack is a jumping jack where you always land with your knees bent, whether your feet are together or apart
- When your feet move together, try to land them at least 6in apart still & avoid letting your knees collapse together when you squat
[Scissor Hops + Switch Lunge Jumps]
- Stay light & quick on your feet
- When you jump, be sure to land in a proper lunge: both knees are bent, shin of back leg is parallel to floor, front foot is flat & back foot only the ball of your foot is on the floor
- Pull your belly tight and drive through your front heel as you spring up for your switch jump
- When you land, be sure to land softly so that your knees don't experience too much impact
[Broad Jump + 180 + Tuck Jump]
- The squat before the broad jump is essential - the bend in your knees will make your jump more powerful & reduce the impact of the landing on your knees
- From that squat position, thrust your hips & throw your arms forward as you take the biggest leap you can with both feet at the same time
- When you land your broad jumps - BEND YOUR KNEES!
- The 180 doesn't have to be fancy - just jump high enough to give yourself enough time to turn around & land facing the exact opposite direction
- For the tuck jump, land as softly as you can to protect your knees
- When you jump up, pulling your abdominals in as tight as you can helps slow your decent & soften the landing
- When you land, bend your knees so you don't shock your joints. I always say, "land your jumps like you'd catch an egg - soften the momentum of the movement"

How many rounds did you get through your 1st attempt?! It BURNS like a MF, right?! Tell me on IG/FB/TW how it went @cassiebstrong!

B Strong!

Cassie B.