100 A Day to B Strong Fitness Challenge: Day 10

It’s already Day 10!! Finish this workout & your 1/3rd of the way through the #100repsadaytobstrong challenge!

Today’s workout is all about the legs & booty - dem hips & thighs ;-) For all of the jumping exercises [“plyometrics”], focus on landing softly. It works your core more AND is less of a shock to your joints. A win, win as they say ;-)


Here's your demo video so you can see each movement you're about to tackle:

Here are some tips on form to ensure you’re getting the most out of the reverse lunges we’re doing today:

  • both knees bend to about 90-degrees [a little smaller than that, if anything] so that the shin of your back leg & thigh of your front leg are parallel to the ground
  • front foot: is flat & you’re driving your heel down into the ground as you use your hamstring [back of thigh] to pull your body forward to stand upright
  • back foot: only your toes are on the ground, but make sure it’s all 5 toes & that your foot isn’t twisting out so that only your big toe is on the ground. In addition, actively lift that heel & bend your shoe because...
  • back knee: should tuck forward so that it’s directly beneath your hips. When you push off your back toes to tuck your back knee forward you’ll feel your quads on that leg [front of thigh] & abs engage rather than your hip flexors hyperextending
  • keep your hips square: just as you’re pushing off your back toes to tuck that back knee forward, you should also actively pull the hip of your front leg backward so that each hip ends up side by side. Avoid letting the hip of your back twist back behind you & open your pelvis to the side - it should always face forward

And that's it! Remember to BREATHE!! :-D