100 A Day to B Strong Fitness Challenge: Day 11

Day 11 of #100repsadaytobstrong is readyyyyy! Are you?!


Here's what we're working on:

Cross Over Crunches: abs & obliques! If these bother your neck, go back to Day 3 [the pic of me doing a crunch & reaching for my toes] to make sure you’re properly engaging your core!!
1-Leg Hip Hinges: core stability & ankle/knee/hip stability [aka "balance"] + hamstring & glute strength & flexibility. Scroll down to read up on all my tips for proper form & keeping your balance!
Plank marches: pecs, triceps & shoulders + core stability. Like the hip hinges, keep your hips squared up with the floor & avoid letting them twist around as you march up & down! A wider stance in your feet helps with this.

Here's your demo vid:

Here are those tips on proper form & keeping your balance during the 1-leg hip hinges:

  • while your foot is flat, most of your weight is in the heel of your standing foot because...
  • just like a hip hinge with both feet on the ground [a #deadlift], you’ve got to counterbalance the weight of what’s moving up & backward [your butt & leg] by leaning an equal amount of your body down & to the front [your chest & head]
  • focus on your posture. Your goal is to keep your spine neutral. Pull your lower abs in tight so that your lower back doesn’t arch & squeeze the glute of your lifting leg so that it’s not dead weight straining & rounding your lower back
  • engage your lats!!! Go back to my posts from Day 3 to read some in depth info on what this should look & feel like
  • keep your hips square!! Your pelvis should be facing the ground & neither hip should lift higher than the other!!! Make sure the hip of your lifting leg isn’t twisting toward the sky!

THAT’S IT! Have a great workout!!!