B Strong Greatest HIITs: [At Home] Arms & Legs Workout

Get ready for a serious BURN with this one! It doesn't look like much, but you'll feel it everywhere!! Grab a 12-18 inch high chair or bench, be sure to prop it against a wall so it doesn't move, and you're good to go! You can totally do the 1st movement on the floor, without your hands up on the chair, which will make it more challenging on your arms & core, just keep the chair nearby for the BULGARIANS!

Here's the series:
A. Tricep Pump Push-up + "Bunches of Crunches" (crunch the same knee across to opposite elbow, straight forward between elbows, then oblique crunch to the same elbow).
B. Alternating Bulgarian Split Squats & Hops (5 of each on each leg)
Alternate between movements A & B, with minimal rest between movements, until you've completed 3-5 rounds of each.

Notes on form:
[Tricep Pump Push-up]
- Hands directly under shoulders, aim your elbows back toward your hips and keep them pulled tight toward your ribcage - this is how you target your triceps.
- Once you reach the bottom of the push-up, do a pulse where you push-up only a few inches, then return to the bottom before pushing all the way back up to plank.
- Maintain a long neck, neutral spine, and tight abdominals.
[Bunches of Crunches]
- Each time you crunch your knee, brace your core as tight as you can.
- Each time you extend your leg back, do so until is straightens & squeeze your glute tight.
[Bulgarian Split Squat]
**The hop is 100% optional!**
- Place one foot on the chair or bench & keep your standing foot flat on the floor throughout the entire movement - the only time your heel should leave the floor is for the hop!
- Stand upright, without arching your back, pull your belly tight & tuck your back knee under your body as you lunge.
- Drive through the heel of your standing leg as you stand/hop.
- When you hop, land softly, bending your knee & keeping your chest upright as you land.

Grab a workout buddy and see who can finish all 3-5 rounds 1st! Who won?! Tell me on FB/IG/TW @cassiebstrong!

B Strong,

Cassie B.

B Strong Greatest HIITs: [At Home] Plank & Plyos Drill [2]

I love drills like this to burn out your body at the end of a workout. I also keep them in my back pocket for days I can't get to the gym and/or don't have any equipment available to me. In just 6-10 minutes, you can get your heart rate up, work every major muscle group AND get a good sweat going! You may recognize movement B from Body Fix - if so, you know what I mean when I say get ready for those hips to BURN during your skater jumps! ;-P

Here's the drill:
*1min/movement series x 3-5 rounds [no rest between movements]
A. Plank Series: Reach Each Arm Forward; Open to Each Side Plank; Gorilla Hop to Squat; Walk Feet Back to Plank.
B. 2 Skater Jumps + 2 Lateral Hops.

Notes on form:
[Plank Series]
- Engage lats, squeeze glutes, and tighten quads to maintain a straight spine & keep hips squared up with the floor.
- Avoid letting your hips twist during reaches forward.
- Keep lats engaged & neck long as you open to side planks.
[Skater Jumps]
- Leap to the side as if you're leaping sideways over a puddle.
- Land softly & bend your knee as you land to minimize impact on your joints.
- To initiate the movement, kick your landing leg sideways as you push off your standing leg to give your body more momentum to travel side & engage your obliques.
[Lateral Hops]
- Now instead of leaping, your feet stay under your body and you travel less per jump.
- Focus on landing softly & minimizing the impact on your joints.

How many rounds did it t