Hump Day Booty Move: Walking Lunge + Single Leg Hip Hinge

This is one of my favorite dynamic exercises to warm up my body for a workout! It activates the glutes, lengthens the hamstrings, engages the core and helps the body find balance

You'll alternate sides with every rep, so perform this exercise until you've done 10-15 reps per side (20-30 total), for 3-5 sets.

Notes on form:
- When you pull your knee up toward your chest, squeeze your abs tight like you're doing a crunch.
- As you step forward, make sure you're reaching your leg so that you step into your heel first.
- Bend both knees equally until your back knee is an inch off the floor.
- Drive through the heel of your front foot as you power yourself up to standing and squeeze that glute to keep your balance.

How many reps and sets did it take for you to break a sweat?! Tell me on IG/TW: @cassiebstrong #BStrong!

B Strong,

Cassie B.