B Strong Greatest HIITs 2017: [At Home] Plank Core & Leg Burner

DAY 15! 

Here's an equipment-free total body drill to do on days when you're pinched for time and can't get to the gym. It's up to you whether you do 6min or 10min of work... but you're guaranteed to break a good sweat!

Here's the drill:
60sec per sequence; no rest between rounds; complete 3-5 rounds.
A. Low Plank + 2 Plank Jacks to High Plank + 2 Gorilla Hops
B. Sumo Squat Hold + Pivot to Lunge + Pencil Hop 

[Plank Series]
- In low plank, keep hips at shoulder height, pelvis tucked, glutes squeezed & belly tight.
- Avoid letting hips sink & lower back sway during plank jacks.
- Avoid letting hips twist as you march up to high plank.
- Jump feet to outside of hands & land with feet flat on floor - don't just land on your toes!
- Keep your back flat as you land in the gorilla squat position.
[Squat & Lunge Series]
- Start at bottom of Sumo Squat, then drop one knee down as you pivot onto the ball of that foot.
- Turn 90 degrees, until you're in a Lunge, facing the side of your front knee, your back shin is parallel to the floor, and hips are squared up with the wall you're facing.
- Squeeze the glute of your back leg tight to support your lower back.
- Knees should remain in 90 degree angle as you pivot back to the Sumo Squat position.
- Spring up off the floor, pull your feet together, then bring them back apart again to land in your starting position: a Sumo Squat.

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B Strong,

Cassie B.