B Strong Greatest HIITs 2017: Battle Rope Russian Twists + Lunge Drill

Day 16! This drill works your body head to toe, and you don't stop moving until it's done! That's right, no built in breaks!! You're performing each exercise for a full 60 seconds, alternating between the 2 with no rest in between.

Here's the drill:
- 60sec of battle rope windmill russian twists
- 60sec of 5sec lunge holds + switch jumps (hold lunge for 5sec, jump & switch, hold on other side for 5sec, continue for 60sec)
- Perform for 3-5 rounds; 6-10min work

[Battle Rope Windmill Russian Twists]
- Sit back with belly tight, lumbar spine slightly tucked, and cervical spine long
- You can dig your heels into the floor, or lift your feet up to a table top position if you'd like to challenge your core more
- Elbows soft, arms straight, one arm chases the other up and over
- Twist your entire torso side to side as you windmill your arms
[Lunge Hold + Switch Jump]
- When holding lunge, both knees are bent; shin of back leg is parallel to floor
- Front foot is flat, back foot only the ball of your foot is on the floor
- Pull your belly tight and drive through your front heel as you spring up for your switch jump
- When you land, be sure to land softly so that your knees don't experience too much impact

What burned more? Your shoulders? Your abs?? Your legs?! Tell me on IG/FB/TW @cassiebstrong!

B Strong,

Cassie B.