B Limber: Sides, Neck & Traps Stretch

Feeling lethargic, sore or stressed? Or worse, a combination of all of the above?? You'll want these stretches in your life.

[Side Stretch]
Purpose: To open up your body through your obliques, serratus muscles and lats. You'll feel your muscles lengthen with every breath & swear you grew a couple inches after you're done.
- Feet slightly wider than hips.
- Keep equal weight in each foot, even though you're leaning to one side.
- Pull on the wrist of your top arm with your bottom arm like you're trying to stretch your arm longer.
- Turn your chest slightly up toward the ceiling.
- Hold 5-10 deep breaths per side.

[Neck & Trap Stretch]
Purpose: to relieve tension in your neck and jaw. I love doing this when I have a headache or feel super stressed - I automatically feel better after!
- Drop your left ear toward your shoulder, then reach your left hand behind you to grab your right wrist and pull it toward the floor.
- Do it twice: once with right palm facing back, then once with it facing forward.
- Repeat on other side.
- Hold 5-10 deep breaths per side.

Is the world a better place now? I thought so ;-)

B Chill,

Cassie B.