B Strong Greatest HIITs: Burpee + Plank March Drill

This drill comes straight from B Strong Body Fix. It's not the most challenging drill ever, but it works your whole body & gets your heart pumping, so it's a great way to get some extra movement into your day &/or your workout!

Here's the drill:
- 40sec of Burpee Plank Marches
- 20sec of high knees as your active recovery
- Alternate between these 2 movements for 3-5 rounds [each round is exactly 1min]
- No rest between movements or rounds

Burpee Plank Marches
- When you jump your feet back to the plank, land them about 2 feet wide - it'll give you more stability for the plank march than keeping your feet together
- When you do the plank march, your goal is to keep your hips square to the floor - try not to let them twist at all!
- Also, during the march, focus on what your shoulders are doing too - pull them down away from your ears & keep your neck nice & long
- Every time you do the plank march, alternate the arm that lowers to it's forearm 1st, as well as the hand that presses back up 1st
High Knees
- Stay light on your feet
- Pump your arms like you mean it!!
- Pull your knees up as high as your belly button

How'd you like this drill?! Did you get through it without any rest? Tell me on FB/IG/TW @cassiebstrong!

B Strong,

Cassie B.