100 A Day to B Strong Fitness Challenge: Day 18

Day 18 is the perfect workout for #motivationmonday!! It’s tough enough for the motivated souls & quick enough for the unmotivated [LOL!!]


There's a “Plank Drill” today so here are a few notes to make sure your form is on point each step of the flow:
Side Planks

  • when you open to each side, you want to create a straight line from one hand to the other so that all your joints in both your arms are stacked perfectly
  • keep your lats engaged [unshrug your shoulders]
  • keep your hips stacked - avoid letting your top hip open so far that it falls back behind your bottom hip
  • keep your hips lifted away from the ground - avoid letting your body “sag” so that your bottom hip moves toward the floor

Cross Under Crunches

  • begin with your feet 1.5-2 feet apart
  • when you cross one knee toward the opposite elbow, the heel of your supporting foot falls to the ground, allowing you to completely rotate your pelvis & work your obliques [take a look at the pic above if you’re not sure what I mean]
  • be sure to square your pelvis back up with the ground & rotate back to the ball of your foot as you return your crunching leg back to the plank position

Downward Dog

  • poke your butt up AND press your chest back toward your toes at the same time so you create a pyramid shape with your body
  • press your heels toward the ground to feel a stretch in your calves & hamstrings [back of thighs]
  • press your chest back so that you feel a stretch through your armpits & back [your shoulder girdle], but be sure to keep your lats engaged & avoid letting your shoulders cover up your neck
  • to come out of the downward dog, lower your hips AND move your shoulders back to stack over your wrists so you’re in a proper plank

That’s the plank drill for ya!! Now give them demo vid a watch so you can see it in action:

That's all, folks!! Time to get movin'!!