100 A Day to B Strong Fitness Challenge: Day 5

Day 5 we workin’ for the a$$ to match our sass [HAA!]


This workout couldn’t be ANY more simple. As long as you have stretchy pants on you can do this anywhere, anytime! #teamleggings [LOL!] Take as much rest as you need between rounds & time yourself to see how long it takes to complete. Then drop your time in the comments below when you’ve finished!

Here’s what we’re workin out today:
Sumo Squats: work your legs & booty with an emphasis on your inner & outer thighs [adductors & abductors]. Start standing with your feet wide & toes turned out. As you squat down, press your knees open wide so that you feel your hips working. As you stand up, act as if you were trying to glide your legs together like Michael Jackson!! Just don’t actually let your feet move haha. The intention is to feel your inner thighs engage as much as possible!

Sumo Squat Hold + Pivots to Lunge: builds endurance in your legs while improving core & hip stability. Always keep your lower abdominals pulled tight so that your pelvis stays neutral & your lower back doesn’t arch - especially when you pivot to your lunges. When you drop your knee down to a lunge, be sure to twist your whole torso to face that direction. Your shoulders & pelvis should always move together! ALSO! Whichever knee drops down when you lunge - squeeze that butt cheek nice & tight 😉 That’s another way to ensure that you’re keeping your hip stable & posture in check!