Hump Day Booty Move: Glider Leg Sweep & Leg Lift Combo

Try this movement to warm-up on Leg Day. You'll work your hips, thighs and abs, develop your flexibility in your hips and improve your balance. It definitely does challenge your coordination - so it may test your patience too ;)

Notes on form:
- Standing leg knee is slightly bent with hips hinged back (knee should not reach past toe of standing foot).
- Sweeping leg remains straight through entire movement, including lifts in front and back.
- Single leg hip hinge (leg lift back); maintain straight spine. A straight line should run from the top of your head all the way to your foot.
- Hip flexion (leg lift front); maintain straight spine, squeeze lower belly tight and lock out knee by squeezing quad.

Perform this movement for 45-90sec on each side for 3-4 sets.

Did you master this on your first try?! Let me know on IG/TW: @cassiebstrong #BStrong.

B Strong,

Cassie B.