Hump Day Booty Move: Resisted Clams

If you're a person who sits all day at work and/or suffers from lower back pain regularly, this exercise - which can be done without the resistance band! - should be a staple in your regimen. This movement strengthens the top of your booty, your gluteus medius and minimus, which help support your lower spine. So while my fierce females may do this more regularly, the fellas need to consider this exercise too. It can save you a lot of pain in the long run! It can also make you a beast when you hit the squat rack - if you're into that :)

As you can see, I finished out my set by picking up the pace of my last few reps. That's optional. You can keep the slow pace, just do a quick pace, or do like I did and perform your reps half controlled, half quick.

Notes on form:
- Lay on side with knees in 90 degree angle. Be sure your feet are pulled forward and not tucked way back under your thighs.
- The hip you're moving should stay stacked directly on top of the hip you're laying on. Be sure that top hip doesn't rock back and forth with the movement of your knee.
- Your feet stay together for the entire movement.

Perform 10-20 reps at a time, on each side, for 2-4 sets.

You can do higher reps and more sets your first time doing this - if you're not using a band. If you're trying this for the first time with a band, keep your reps low, or do less sets, so you can see how your body responds - you may end up more sore than you'd anticipate!

Let me know how many reps you got done before you started to feel the burn on IG/TW @cassiebstrong #BStrong!

B Strong,

Cassie B.